Life has no boundary just like the existence has not blocked anything for anyone. “Limitation” is a human predicament. We categorize the world into good and bad, god and devil, high and low, sacred and filthy, pure and impure, heaven and hell. When we can mold situations we are living in the way we want them; we are molded by the situations in which we exist in reaction to situations we are placed in. 

They say Freedom is the ultimate luxury! The possibility of ultimate freedom may seem deeply threatening to many, but we fail to understand that they are only to our limitations. So aren’t we one hundred percent responsible for our self-created experiences in this life? If we take one hundred percent responsible for the way we are now, if we understand our ability to respond determines the quality of our lives, – the most horrific things in life can be a source of nourishment. 
I happened to read that “Responsibility is not about talking, thinking, or doing. Responsibility is about Being. Who you are is not the sum total of accumulation you had made. Everything that you currently know as “Myself” is just an accumulation. Our body is just an accumulation of food. Our mind is just an accumulation of impressions gathered through the five senses. What you accumulate can be yours but it can never be you.”
If we do not identify with anything we have accumulated over a period of time, including our body and mind, we will be able to experience that being loving and compassionate is not an idea! To live in empathy is not some esoteric principle! Love is not something we do; it’s just the way we are! 
Let’s demolish ‘limitation’ walls promising to self; to be humble, kind, and empathetic, even with a beggar on the street, or a stranger in the supermarket. Just Being! 

03 September 2017

Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kumarakam

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