A Brave Sea holds the Foam

A Brave Sea holds the Foam
I was diagnosed with autism at age of two

When they found me walking on my tiptoe.

You looked down at me as if your world melt away;

Mummy, I never knew why you cried until this day!
“Your lives would never be the same!” Others said
When they saw me constantly banging my head!

I screamed and cried, till my throat went dry!

Daddy, I know you were lost, wondering why!

When I couldn’t communicate on my own;

My anguish pierced you both to the bone.

When my repetitive behavior lasted for hours;

I must say, your care and patience had magical powers.
Some are lights from His blazing throne one wish to embrace,

Send down to make this world a much better place.

I’m lucky, He chose you both to give me a home;

For I was held on hearts as the brave sea holds the foam.
The world went whispering, for years, to its own,

Autism curved a better me they’d ever known.

Dear Autism fellows, you are not alone,

It’s time to prove we could make it on our own!

Born to breath those undeserved scorn;

Instead, we mused like the moonlight shone.

My chest bursts now with intense pride,

As I picture my life, with Autism at my side.

19 March 2017

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