Deep Lake

A Deep Lake water laps with low sound by the shore;
When it speaks from the deep heart’s core.

” Every day I find new mates;
I’m where they come to meditate.
Some splashes and ripples rocks of aflame anger
Some for moon’s smirk over a lost lover’s chest with a rusty ship anchor.
Some dive deeper to find my darkness and unknown treasury;
How I reminisce about all these hidden memories.
I am the Deep Lake that must flow
When you sail on my surface you’ll know!
Like waves that drift me apart with time.
I did suffer, beneath the weight of your crime.
But deep down I lay still at my eternal rest
Even some cradle me with emotions at their best.
When your old love struggles with the new
Amazingly I make you feel l’m brand new;
To fall into my arms and let fire through.
When you begin your day, once it’s through;
Dwelling for the new, half believe in true.
Watch me from afar as you leave
for i am not responsible when you grieve”

Despite wind that came to shake with its greedy roar;
Water lapped again with low sound by the shore.
With thoughts of doing something to the shore
That water never did to land before.

– Shameena
21 December 2016

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